Meet the writer


I started this blog because I read a quote a while ago that said,

That thing that you do, after your day job, in your free time, too early in the morning, too late at night. That thing you read about, write about, think about, in fact fantasize about. That thing you do when you’re all alone and there’s no one to impress, nothing to prove, no money to be made, simply a passion to pursue. That’s it. That’s your thing. That’s your heart, your guide.

In my free time, I watch videos of agility competitions. I also spend a lot of my time researching about dog food companies. Anytime I leave my house I can't wait to get back home to see my pups. Every dog I see in public I must say hi to. And I absolutely love when people ask me questions about dogs in general. So, I've realized that dogs have always been my thing!

I started Fetching Florals to have a space to write down everything I know about dogs and to share my love for them. I hope to influence other owners to provide the same high-level of care for their pets as they do for themselves!

I desperately wanted a dog growing up, but I could never have one. It was heartbreaking for me. So instead, I learned everything I could about them. I would research the traits of each different breed, and I would study topics on training, grooming, and whatever else I could find. One of the first books I read by myself as a child was about how to properly raise a puppy. I read it front to back, over and over. The information never got boring to me. When the time finally came for me to own my first dog, I was already several steps ahead of the average owner because I had done so much research beforehand.

I went to many types of dog shows that let me meet all of those breeds I had learned about. Confirmation, agility, dock diving, lure coursing, you name it. One of my favorite experiences throughout the years was getting to assist a local German Shepherd breeder with her weekly obedience classes. She allowed me to work hands-on with some of the most intelligent and highly-trained dogs that only knew commands in German. She gave me my first taste of what a great dog looks like.


Meet the boys


Ruger is my young Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix who we rescued when he was almost a year old. He was found alone in a forest and I can't express how happy I am to have him. He's very intelligent and loves people. He is also very quiet and rarely makes a peep. He loves to play fetch and goes crazy over the sound of a squeaker toy, so he is very toy motivated. I love how playful he is and I hope he stays this happy and silly as he gets older. 


Boomer is my older Lab mix I've had since he was only six weeks old. I got him from a farmer in Oregon and named him Boomer because my aunt suggested the name when a thunderstorm was "booming" nearby. We spent a lot of years apart, and so he lived with another family member. By fate, I was able to bring him home to come live with us in March of 2017 and he has been by my side ever since! He always keeps an eye on me and never lets me forget when it's his dinner time.