I'm Clarissa, I have a strong love for dogs and an interest in beauty and fashion. I want to share and connect with others like me, dog lovers who also love to look their best! 

I have two Labrador Retriever mixes. Ruger is my young Lab/Border Collie mix who loves to play fetch. Boomer is my older guy I've had since he was six weeks old. They depend on me for most of their needs, so I like to make sure I provide my pups with the best options to give them a good life. They are a big part of me, and I want to share our story. 

I talk about our fun days together, along with products that are good enough to use on myself and my dogs. I want to influence dog owners to provide the same high level of care for their pets as they do for themselves. I want to celebrate being a good dog parent, as well as trying to look our best every day, because we should not only love our dogs but ourselves too. I'm not an expert in fashion, beauty, or dogs - but we can learn together!

You will see glimpses of my life, my dogs' lives, and our life together.