Visit to an Orchard

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This post has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time. I haven't posted anything in awhile because there have been so many life changes going on, but I am finally (and slowly) ready to get back into blogging because I love it and can't leave it behind. I've been wanting to shift the focus of my blog towards more dog-related topics because that's what I know the most about. But, this post is here and written out already so I'll publish it just to get back into the game.

Back in the fall, Zach and I drove out to an apple orchard a couple hours away into the boonies. I was so surprised at how beautiful the mountains are out here in North Carolina! I'm used to the mountains in Utah and Idaho, so I have high standards when it comes to scenery.

I think we both weren't expecting such pretty views. Back home we have the stunning Wasatch mountain range that would tower above Salt Lake City and the entire valley. But here it's almost like giant rolling hills where you can see layers and layers of trees. I'm adding photos so you can see what I'm talking about!


Left: NC mountains, Right: Salt Lake City.

At the orchard we ate apple cider donuts that we heard were worth the drive. And yes, THEY ABSOLUTELY WERE! The donuts were so warm and fluffy, and we seriously ate all 6 that same day (oops!). They also sold cider slushies made fresh from their apples. I didn't know these existed but they were very, very addictive and I had two. I'm craving one now, wish they weren't so far away...

After we drove a half hour to Asheville and got lunch in the downtown area. That was our first time there and we loveeed it. The downtown area reminds me of a bigger version of Main Street in Park City. The buildings are charming and so are the businesses that fill them. We didn't get to spend too much time in Asheville because we left the dogs at home, but something told me we would be back again (and we did go back)! I'm already wanting to move out there! I have such wonderful feelings towards Utah and it will always be home, but I love that Asheville reminds me of that wonderful home and is just a couple hours away.

Thanks for reading ya'll! (see how Southern I am now??)

Fall Update!

Cute outtake!

Cute outtake!

Millie is Zach's family dog!

Millie is Zach's family dog!

Another cute outtake of my happy Lab!

Another cute outtake of my happy Lab!


I have been TERRIBLE at keeping up with my blog! I'm sorry! I haven't quit it though (since some people have asked), I just have been so busy settling into our new state/city/apartment. And as you know, I've been thinking about changing my blog so that is still in the works!

It's early October in good ol' North Carolina and it's 76 degrees out. I'm literally sitting on the couch with the patio door wide open and it feels amazing! It's bright and sunny out, couldn't be more perfect. The leaves here haven't changed yet, but I can see some trees are slowly starting to transition. Yay! I'm sad I'll miss the snow and mountains back in Utah, but I'm definitely looking forward to not having to drive on icy roads. 

Now that we're finally living in the city, Zach and I are having so much fun! I'll be honest and say at first we were worried we might have made a mistake moving here since it was a little bit of a stressful summer, but now that we're in the city and in our awesome new place... we are having such a great time! We do hope to move back to Utah in a few years though!

Right now we're in this really cool, walkable part of town called South End. We can hop from brewery/restaurant/wherever else and not have to drive. Last Sunday we walked across the street to the grocery store and had mimosas at the bar (they have one in the store!!), it was actually a really fun time since the Panthers game was on and people looove their football around here. I've been better at taking photos of all of the stuff we've been doing so I'll make sure to post more about our time here!

I'm also very happy to see how Ruger and Boomer are settling in. We got Boomer in the Spring, then shortly after we drove across the country and moved to a new place with new people and new surroundings. Dogs are all about routine, so any changes can be very stressful for them and we went through a ton of change! I think they love it here so far (hopefully), we can take them almost anywhere with us, I love that! Every single restaurant/bar/brewery patio is dog-friendly so we've had a lot of socialization opportunities for the boys. That's another huge relief for me, their behavior had really changed when we first started the moving process. When we first started packing our apartment back in Salt Lake, they were a little stressed and it just snowballed from there. They were becoming a little naughty and I was becoming really frustrated with them, which is the worst thing you can do, but I was also stressed and couldn't help it. But we are all finally getting back to normal and I'm so happy with being in Charlotte so far! 

More updates and posts will be coming soon!


A Little Southern Update


Just a short little update since I haven't posted in a few months!

These are some photos I took right before we moved from Utah. I really miss it there, especially the huge mountains that towered over us. We are getting close to moving into our apartment which is in a really cool part of Charlotte, so I'm excited to start that adventure!

Like I said before, my blog is such a learning experience for me. The photography, website, I mean everything is all on me and I put a lot of pressure on myself to make everything perfect. Which is why I slowed down with blogging. I get so worried I will fail it keeps me stuck and prevents me from trying! But I really do love blogging so I'll keep at it.. even if I'm at a reallllly slow pace.

A little update on life here in the good ole South...

We're staying with Zach's parents who have a really pretty house on a lake in a small town just north of Charlotte. No one in the actual city of Charlotte is from here which is surprising. It's a big and growing city, so many of the people here are from all different states.

Sometimes I unknowingly pick up on accents when I speak to people that have one. One day I said the color orange, and not even kidding it came out like Paula Deen. So now I'm super self-conscious that my wannabe accent might slip out when I'm talking to an actual Southern person. 

I've really gotten into the show Southern Charm because it's in Charleston which is only a few hours away and I'm dying to go. I've heard the seafood and beaches are amazing!

The dogs seem to like it here, so that makes me really happy! They get to swim and chase ducks as much as they want. At first, they would run into the neighbor's yards and swim way too far out. Talk about frustrating! Most of the homes on the lake don't have fenced yards, so I was worried they would get lost. I decided the boys needed a little refresher in their training and started to do mini play and training sessions in the front and backyard. Luckily, they're both very food/toy motivated so they stick close if we offer them rewards. We would also put them on a leash and walk the boundaries of the yard, and only let them swim if we put their life jackets on. The good news is they finally got the idea that just because everyone else's yard is open and tempting, it is not available to them. We can almost 100% trust them to be off-leash, but they will occasionally chase after little critters or wander too far. There is a white duck that likes to taunt them, but it quacks at the top of its lungs if they get too close. 

Happy Wednesday!

Life + Blog Update!


So we made it to North Carolina! On the 30 hour drive I had a lot of time to think about my blog and what direction I want to take it in. I have so many interests, but I've come to find my main ones to be my dogs and looking cute. Sounds silly, but 'by looking cute' I mean trying to look my best by finding out what fashion and beauty trends look best on me. I don't want to claim to be an expert on fashion or beauty or dogs... but I just want to share my experiences and the way we live our lives based off of what I know. That's why I consider my blog to be in the category of "lifestyle". I don't post about high fashion because that's not how I typically dress. I was trying to force myself to go into that direction, but it doesn't fit me or come naturally to me so I'm letting it go. I'm usually with the boys so I dress very casually.

I'm also somewhat knowledgeable about dogs because I've been learning and reading about them since I was a little kid, way before I ever had one. Again, I just want to share the resources and knowledge I've learned along the way to help you and your pup, if I can in any way possible. I really consider myself a dog mom, and that's who I want to reach out to with this blog. This is sort of like my diary and I want it to connect or relate to others who are like me.

I have been reading all sorts of blogs for several years now. It's interesting to see how others live and it's nice to learn tips or tricks that can make your life better. I also use my blog as a method to be more confident with myself, it's a little vulnerable to share parts of you with the world but I've seen the wonderful careers that have come from doing something like this. Hopefully, I can create a career from this... but if not it will always be a fun hobby I love to do.

My blog content or website might not look like much, but my site has taken me what feels like a million hours to create. I've learned so much about web design, graphic design, and coding. A lot of work has been put in behind the scenes, believe it or not. When I do start working on my blog I go into a creative flow state and get idea after idea, and it feels like I'm on top of the world. However, it's hard to translate those ideas especially when it comes to the photos. I envision how I want the photos to turn out for each shoot, but they never look the way I want them to. I feel I'm not as photogenic as I see other bloggers are, my dogs are very difficult to pose with, etc. But this whole project really helps me stay creative, and I'm constantly learning new things which I've learned is essential for me to feel fulfilled and happy in my daily life.

I love my little blog and am proud of it so far, and I'm really grateful for the people that do read it! I was ecstatic to see that my blog's Pinterest page gets 40k views a month! I think I literally jumped up out of my seat and ran to Zach to show him the awesome surprise. Since I wrote this the numbers have actually been going up, too. So amazing!

Long story short, you may see some changes coming to my blog - but I will always keep you updated.

P.S. an NC blog post coming soon! We Love it here so far, if anyone knows of Charlotte's neighborhoods - we are thinking of moving to South End!

Spanish Inspired


How GORGEOUS is this dress? I've always been drawn to flowy dresses because they are so romantic and feminine. I feel so beautiful in this dress, I love the detail and how it fits, and how it looks - everything about it is just so perfect. I got it from and I will link it here.

But I wanted to talk about a very important topic today on the blog...

Who else loves the show Friends..? I just started watching it recently and I am obsessed! Rachel's 90's fashion is so on point and she looks incredible in just about every scene. When it was running on air I was too young to watch or even like it. I actually hated it to be honest, but thanks to Netflix I'm a huge fan. The same thing happened with Gilmore Girls and that's how I came to love that show, too! I always preferred going out to a movie rather than watching tv (unless I was using it for background noise). But when you're able to watch episodes in chronological order you can see and become connected with the actually story rather than catching random episodes that are aired out of order on cable. Anyone have any favorite shows on Netflix right now? I'd love any suggestions! I like to put something on when I'm cleaning or working on blog stuff so it's not so quiet!

P.S. less than a week until we move to North Carolina!

Dog Treats Giveaway

I have a little giveaway for you lovely people (or for your pups I should say). My boys got to try out some products from Nature's Logic and Caru, and I chose the best treats to share with you guys! Giveaway ends 05/27 at midnight, I will privately message the winner.

Here is what is included in the giveaway and how to enter it at the bottom of the page:


1. Caru Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth - this comes from an amazing and very high-quality company that LOVES pets. Bone broth provides a lot of nutrients for your pup and is great to add to their dry kibble or water bowls. I give my boys some broth in their dry kibble to provide them with extra liquids throughout the day so that I can make sure they keep hydrated. In the documentary "Pet Fooled", it explains how dogs who only eat dry kibble are technically in a constant state of dehydration. So adding broth tp the diet is one way to prevent this, just make sure their dog food doesn't have citric acid or the reaction can cause stomach upset or even bloat. You could also try making popsicles or ice cubes as a summer treat!

Check out their broth and other products here!


2. Caru Baked Bites in Venison Flavor - these are the best to use as high value training treats and come in really fun exotic recipes. We even tried an ALLIGATOR formula! My pups went crazy for these because they're very fragrant, which I assume means flavorful (not that I'd ever eat one).

For pups who are allergic to poultry, they have all sorts of recipe flavors like Alligator, Wild Boar, Salmon, Duck, and several others here.


3. Nature's Logic Beef Tendon Chews - to be honest, I thought my dogs would eat these in two seconds... but they lasted about 20 minutes with Boomer and an extra 15 minutes with Ruger! These are made in the States and have nothing added to them, which I appreciate as a dog owner. I really love these and will be buying more, this bag is a pound and has about 13 chews in it!

Look through the Nature's Logic website for more product info here.


Enter our giveaway by commenting on this blog post with your pup's name in the box below! 


Boomer's Birthday

swimming dogs
herding dog stalk creep

The best photobomb in my opinion.


The photo below perfectly captures their personalities! Ruger being young and bouncing around, and Boomer being very wise and serious about fetching the frisbee.


Boomer turned 8 this month! I feel like he's my own child because I've watched him grow up and he has such a big personality so it's like he's a little human. I got my cute pup when he was only 6 weeks old. We drove to Oregon and got him from someone who lived on a big farm in a small town. His mom was a yellow Lab and I believe they said his dad was a Lab/Australian Cattle Dog. His siblings were either mostly black or spotted almost like a Dalmation. I remember driving up the hill to where they kept the puppies, and Boomer's mom came running up this hill almost alongside our car. I didn't realize she was the mother until she met us at the top! It was so green in Oregon and the weather was gloomy that day, my aunt mentioned I should call him Boomer because of the thunder and he's been my Boom boy ever since!

He still has so much energy for technically being a senior dog. He loves to play around and fetch, the only thing that shows his age is a slight limp and stiffness when he's been too active or laying down in one spot for too long. We just bought him some Dasaquin with MSM and ASU to help with this and he's been on it for 3 days. The reviews are AMAZING and I'm excited to see what results he has with it. 

Here is the one we bought from Drs. Foster and Smith: Dasuquin with MSM tablets. It's on sale for $80 for the largest size and dose. It's pricey.. but worth keeping him as young and healthy as possible. He needs to be able to keep up with Ruger, because they have such a big age difference so it's easier (and healthier) to keep Boomer in shape to stay as active as Ruger, than to not exercise Ruger as much and slow him down because of Boomer.

Above are all the photos of the fun time we had for his birthday. Both Ruger and Boomer got to swim and even made a friend with a chocolate Lab along the way!