A Little Southern Update


Just a short little update since I haven't posted in a few months!

These are some photos I took right before we moved from Utah. I really miss it there, especially the huge mountains that towered over us. We are getting close to moving into our apartment which is in a really cool part of Charlotte, so I'm excited to start that adventure!

Like I said before, my blog is such a learning experience for me. The photography, website, I mean everything is all on me and I put a lot of pressure on myself to make everything perfect. Which is why I slowed down with blogging. I get so worried I will fail it keeps me stuck and prevents me from trying! But I really do love blogging so I'll keep at it.. even if I'm at a reallllly slow pace.

A little update on life here in the good ole South...

We're staying with Zach's parents who have a really pretty house on a lake in a small town just north of Charlotte. No one in the actual city of Charlotte is from here which is surprising. It's a big and growing city, so many of the people here are from all different states.

Sometimes I unknowingly pick up on accents when I speak to people that have one. One day I said the color orange, and not even kidding it came out like Paula Deen. So now I'm super self-conscious that my wannabe accent might slip out when I'm talking to an actual Southern person. 

I've really gotten into the show Southern Charm because it's in Charleston which is only a few hours away and I'm dying to go. I've heard the seafood and beaches are amazing!

The dogs seem to like it here, so that makes me really happy! They get to swim and chase ducks as much as they want. At first, they would run into the neighbor's yards and swim way too far out. Talk about frustrating! Most of the homes on the lake don't have fenced yards, so I was worried they would get lost. I decided the boys needed a little refresher in their training and started to do mini play and training sessions in the front and backyard. Luckily, they're both very food/toy motivated so they stick close if we offer them rewards. We would also put them on a leash and walk the boundaries of the yard, and only let them swim if we put their life jackets on. The good news is they finally got the idea that just because everyone else's yard is open and tempting, it is not available to them. We can almost 100% trust them to be off-leash, but they will occasionally chase after little critters or wander too far. There is a white duck that likes to taunt them, but it quacks at the top of its lungs if they get too close. 

Happy Wednesday!