All About Ruger

I wrote down ten facts about Ruger so you can get to know him better. Some of these had me laughing thinking about how goofy he is! Enjoy!

1. He loves to snuggle.

He is an extremely affectionate dog, and it's honestly my favorite thing about him! I've never met any other dog who loves to cuddle as much as he does and I've met a lot of dogs through confirmation shows, agility trials, and other dog events I used to regularly attend. Anyone that meets him melts when they see him crawl up in their lap. 

2. I just counted and realized he has 10 nicknames.

  1. "Rugah", because the little girl who lives near us can't pronounce his name so we picked this up from her.
  2. "Roog" which is just a shortened version of his name.        
  3. "Booger", because Zach started calling him this. "Boog", just short for Booger.                   
  4. "Rugert" - his formal, old man name because it's kinda like Rupert.
  5. "Stink" because, well, he's stinky sometimes.              
  6. "Gremmy" because his ears make him look like a gremlin when he's being bad.            
  7. "The Hamburglar" because he came to In-n-Out with us one time and tried to steal a fry out of my mouth.                                                                                                                                                     
  8. "Salamander" because that's what he looks like when he's pulling really hard on the leash and it makes his body look distorted and funny.                          
  9. "Rugli" because he laid with us while we watched the new The Jungle Book movie and he reminds us of Mowgli.
  10. "Buddy" - because isn't everyone's dog their buddy?

3. I accidentally taught him how to beg.

Every time I would give him something I would ask him to "shake" in order to get a bone, treat, toy, etc. I thought I was being a good dog parent and training him to "work" for his food but now anytime he wants something he frantically waves his paws in the air (without being told because he linked the command with getting food) and looks like a bratty toddler trying to get what he wants. 

4. He is a borador.

A Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix. Or at least we think he is, we don't know for sure but we've googled Borador's and some of them look exactly like Ruger. He lowers his head like a Border Collie when he's focused and loves to retrieve toys like, well a retriever. 


5. He has his own bed with a photo of a dog that looks like him.

He loves this bed because it's so comfortable and fluffy. I remember I sat on it myself when I bought it at the store to make sure it was comfy enough. I probably looked crazy but you wouldn't believe how uncomfortable some of those dog beds were! It has three black Labrador Retrievers fishing in a boat and one has a fish in its mouth and has ears like Ruger. The only bad thing is the fabric makes a noise similar to when you're walking in ski pants so if he moves at night it's really obnoxious. 

6. He never lets me forget it's dinner time.

He eats twice a day and will always remind me when it's time to feed him. He acts very excited out of nowhere, will get in my face and not leave me alone. He also eats like he hasn't seen food in days, the way most Labs do. 


7. He is obsessed with anything that squeaks.

If he won't listen to my commands, I can squeak a ball and get his full attention. It's a little ridiculous but at least it works, right? As soon as we get home from playing fetch he will try to run off and hide with the ball so he can chew the squeaker out.

8. He is banned from having soft toys.

He "kills" them within minutes and next thing you know there is cotton all over the floor. I've bought him many stuffed toys that were supposed to be tough but they never last long. He loves to focus on the small parts of the toys like eyes, ears, etc. So then the toy will have it's eyes chewed out and look super creepy. I can't imagine what a strong chewer he would be if he were a bigger dog!


9. He doesn't bark.

We've heard him bark a total of maybe 20 different times since we got him in May. Surprisingly his bark is very deep and loud. But when he's trying to play he has a very high-pitched bark, that I think even surprises himself when it comes out. 

10. He is afraid of flies.

He won't snap at them because they're too scary. Instead he will run away and hide in the closet or under the desk. He gets paranoid and will stare at the ceiling searching for one. At first I thought maybe he could see a ghost and I started to get a little freaked out. We think he got stung by a bee at some point and that's why he is so afraid of bugs that can fly. I can truly say he's so sweet he would never hurt a fly.