Boomer's Birthday

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The best photobomb in my opinion.


The photo below perfectly captures their personalities! Ruger being young and bouncing around, and Boomer being very wise and serious about fetching the frisbee.


Boomer turned 8 this month! I feel like he's my own child because I've watched him grow up and he has such a big personality so it's like he's a little human. I got my cute pup when he was only 6 weeks old. We drove to Oregon and got him from someone who lived on a big farm in a small town. His mom was a yellow Lab and I believe they said his dad was a Lab/Australian Cattle Dog. His siblings were either mostly black or spotted almost like a Dalmation.Β I remember driving up the hill to where they kept the puppies, and Boomer's mom came running up this hill almost alongside our car. I didn't realize she was the mother until she met us at the top! It was so green in Oregon and the weather was gloomy that day, my aunt mentioned I should call him Boomer because of the thunder and he's been my Boom boy ever since!

He still has so much energy for technically being a senior dog. He loves to play around and fetch, the only thing that shows his age is a slight limp and stiffness when he's been too active or laying down in one spot for too long. We just bought him some Dasaquin with MSM and ASU to help with this and he's been on it for 3 days.Β The reviews are AMAZING and I'm excited to see what results he has with it.Β 

Here is the one we bought from Drs. Foster and Smith: Dasuquin with MSM tablets. It's on sale for $80 for the largest size and dose. It's pricey.. but worth keeping him as young and healthy as possible. He needs to be able to keep up with Ruger, because they have such a big age difference so it's easier (and healthier) to keep Boomer in shape to stay as active as Ruger, than to not exercise Ruger as much and slow him down because of Boomer.

Above are all the photos of the fun time we had for his birthday. Both Ruger and Boomer got to swim and even made a friend with a chocolate Lab along the way!