Life Lately + Social Media Roundup

These are my favorite's from my Instagram (@clarissasievers) from last month! March has been so good to us!


If you haven't already, you should try ColourPop lip gloss. They have a million and one colors in every shade you could ever dream of. The best part is they're only $6! I don't like to wear them alone like I've seen some people do, I prefer to put a creamy lip crayon or clear gloss on top. I feel like they provide amazing color, but the texture it leaves on your lips (or mine at least) can be uneven and not smooth. But they are definitely worth the buy - I have my eye on some nude and coral colors to try!


These two guys together are a riot! The best news I wanted to share is that Boomer and Ruger are really starting to create a bond, I like to call them "brothers" as a joke. Boomer has been with us for a little over a month now (time flies)! They are so cute it kills me - Ruger is really playful and will playfully "attack" Boomer trying to get him to react, but Boomer just stares at him and slowly walks away. At first we were worried Boomer but might snap at him, but he's so gentle he just deals with Ruger's crazy antics. They also love to play fetch and are generally pretty good about sharing toys, neither are too possessive which is a big relief. I'm super excited for Charlotte because it's very dog-friendly there, so I can't wait to do lots of fun stuff around the city with them! The baseball team there does a dog night, and there are many other dog events that I want to take them to.


This photo has really pushed me into blogger mode. I feel like this is my first picture where I truly look and feel like a blogger and that is a big success for me. Just this past month my blog has grown so much (I feel like that every month), I can't even believe the opportunities that are starting to come up from it. So excited to see what's to come! Normally, bloggers like to make it seem like their life is perfect,but I want to be a little more honest and real with what I'm sharing so I have no problem with talking about the behind-the-scenes of my blog. It still has a ways to go but it's become such a fun hobby for me.

Animal-Cruelty Free with Jane Iredale

     I think it's important to consider buying animal-cruelty free products, especially for makeup. You don't realize how many of the beauty companies we buy our makeup from perform testing on animals, dogs included. Lucky for us (and our pups), there are some incredibly caring brands out there that appreciate animals and really practice what they preach when it comes to being kind and protecting them. I can't imagine anyone mistreating Ruger by keeping him locked up in a kennel 24 hours a day and only letting him out when testing was needed on the "subject". Test animals are not given names, they are given ID numbers that are tattooed on their ears. It hurts my heart to know many dogs out there will never know the happiness of a yummy bone and a warm bed to sleep on.

Although hard to imagine, dogs have long been used as research and testing subjects. Dogs are still used in research today. In 2012, 72,149 dogs were held in laboratories, with over 25,000 subjected to painful experiments. -

     Grateful is the best way to describe how I feel about those few companies out there that opt out of testing on dogs. A wonderful makeup brand I've come across is Jane Iredale, they are a company that truly cares for every animal and wants to make sure their products never cause any harm to them. They are committed to creating responsible products by not allowing third-party testing or selling to any countries that require animal testing. How incredible are they? I'm excited to try out their Glow Time BB cream, Powder-Me dry sunscreen, and the Lip Crayon they sent me!

I will do another post as a review of their product for you to check out.


Jane Iredale is Ruger approved!

I received product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

I received product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

I first learned about the sad reality of dog testing when I watched a video from the "Beagle Freedom Project". Here is one of their many rescue missions from 2015. I cried when I saw those sweet Beagles afraid of something as simple as walking on grass because they had never seen it before. You will cry tears of sadness and happiness throughout this video, so prepare yourself!

Man's Best Friend

     My boyfriend and I own Ruger together and I thought I'd dedicate a post to their relationship! I'm the one who picks out the toys and bones, who brushes Ruger's fur and teeth, who sets up the vet appointments and so on. However, I'll admit that Zach is the one who really exercises Ruger because Zach is much more active than I am. I try my best to exercise Ruger by taking him on long walks, but he is a very high energy dog being a Lab/Border Collie mix and he needs to be exercised really hard to burn off some of that energy. 

     Zach loves to hike, bike, snowboard, and frisbee golf, and will bring Ruger anytime he can. It also helps that Zach was a pitcher for some time in high school, and can throw the ball so far that Ruger has to get a running head start! I'm grateful he keeps Ruger, who seriously loves to eat, in good shape. They've really been able to bond through all of their play time and outdoor activities, while I've bonded with Ruger in other ways so it balances out perfectly. Ruger is our favorite to spend time with, Zach calls him "buddy", and it makes me really think about how dogs are truly man's best friend!

And who would have ever thought the way to a dog's heart is through a game of fetch!

These are Ruger's favorite balls to fetch with since they squeak! Shop them here.


Does anyone else play fetch on asphalt or cement to trim their dogs nails or is that just me?

P.S. This quiet parking lot only has one entrance so we stood in front of it in case a car came during our fetch session.

Learning to Play Fetch

     When I'm doing something with Ruger I prefer to dress casual. I want to be able to keep up with him because there's no way I can if I'm in heels all the time. I love wearing jeans, a cute top, and sandals because it's simple and easy to pick out. You can't go wrong with dressing like this, and although it's tempting to wear that cute skirt to the dog park, don't do it because skirt + dog park = DISASTER. I always look for tops that have small, pretty details that make them stand out. The top I'm wearing is great for the summer because it has a small lace design that creates a "V" shape in blue fabric.  

     When it comes to being out and about with Ruger, I prefer to play fetch with him on cement or asphalt because it keeps his nails trimmed down and smooth.  There are two parking lots near our place I like to go to that are big and only have one entrance. I will stand by the entrance and throw the ball into the lot, so if someone drives up they see me first and can slow down. These lots aren't very busy in general so this never really happens any way. Ruger loves to play fetch but it's funny to think how he had no interest in it when we first got him. Since he was a stray, he was never taught how to play it and I was a little disappointed he didn't like to do it. Fetching is one of the easiest ways to exercise a dog, and it's almost a tradition for them to play fetch! So imagine my surprise when my Lab/Border Collie mix could care less about chasing anything I threw for him.

     To get him to learn how I started to slowly roll the ball in front of him whenever he was feeling playful. As soon as it would get his attention I would praise him, get him excited, and roll it again. Then he got the idea that it's fun to chase toys and it really brought out his prey drive. I never asked him to bring the ball back until he was consistently chasing it and focused, then eventually I would ask him to come to me when he was holding it in his mouth. Luckily, he already knew how to "drop it", so after lots of practice he put all these steps together and officially learned how to fetch like a true dog should.

Proud of you, Ruger! 

Here are some similar outfit details. Click on the link or photo.

Welcome to Fetching Florals

     We are Clarissa and Ruger. I started this blog because I adopted a dog and fell in love with him. He has brought me so much happiness, and I prefer not to go anywhere without him. Ruger is the "fetching" part behind the name, and I am the "florals". Here you will learn about the products I use for myself and my dog, fun news about our daily adventures, articles I've written on dog-related topics, my outfit details, and lots of photos of us. 

     I'm 23 years old and just graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Psychology. I've been in love with dogs my whole life, but I started to let that go as I got older and wasn't able to have one of my own. At one point I thought I wanted to be a dog trainer, I made the switch from animal behavior to human behavior and became interested in Psychology instead. Since I've gotten Ruger I've realized my love and passion for dogs will never go away. Another hobby of mine is fashion and learning about different tips to keep myself looking my best. I've learned that taking care of myself really boosts my confidence and makes me feel happier. I'm still figuring out my style and I honestly enjoy that about myself because it's always fun to experiment. 

     Ruger is around a year old and still has a couple more sessions until he graduates from his obedience course (if he can pay attention in class). We think he is a Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix, also known as a "Borador". We don't know for sure, but we've googled these mixes before and it's amazing how many dogs out there look just like Ruger. He has the appetite of a Lab and the intense stare of a BC, so we like to think of those personality traits as proof that he is those breeds. He was a stray as a puppy and someone found him and took him in, and that's basically all we know about his past. He is incredibly sweet and can learn new commands fairly quickly, but he's also stubborn and sometimes decides to forget those at the most convenient time... Like when I'm calling him to "come" but he thinks it's more fun to run away instead. 

    Our lives consist of daily adventures going on hikes, to local dog parks, and anywhere else Ruger is allowed to go. He is the best dog, he fits so well into my life, and I always talk about how happy I am that I got him.

So glad you could join us!