Do these things to make sure your dog is drinking enough water


Water is just as important to dogs as it is to us. It's hard to pay attention each time your dog takes a drink, so you may never know what their daily intake truly is. 


These are some quick and easy ways to make sure they're getting plenty of water throughout the day and staying hydrated!


1. Always keep water bowls full. This will encourage them to drink more.

2. Refill the water bowls at least three times a day. Dogs do not like to drink water if it is not fresh.

3. Have at least two water bowls in your home. Especially if you have a house with multiple levels. Keep one bowl on each level. 

4. Bring a portable water bowl (and water!) on outings. Even if you only go out for a couple of hours, stress/excitement is dehydrating.

5. Add water to their kibble. This is a really easy way to control their water intake.