Dog Treats Giveaway

I have a little giveaway for you lovely people (or for your pups I should say). My boys got to try out some products from Nature's Logic and Caru, and I chose the best treats to share with you guys!

Giveaway ends 05/27 at midnight, I will privately message the winner.

Here is what is included in the giveaway and how to enter it at the bottom of the page:


1. Caru Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth - this comes from an amazing and very high-quality company that LOVES pets. Bone broth provides a lot of nutrients for your pup and is great to add to their dry kibble or water bowls. I give my boys some broth in their dry kibble to provide them with extra liquids throughout the day so that I can make sure they keep hydrated. In the documentary "Pet Fooled", it explains how dogs who only eat dry kibble are technically in a constant state of dehydration. So adding broth tp the diet is one way to prevent this, just make sure their dog food doesn't have citric acid or the reaction can cause stomach upset or even bloat. You could also try making popsicles or ice cubes as a summer treat!

Check out their broth and other products here!


2. Caru Baked Bites in Venison Flavor - these are the best to use as high value training treats and come in really fun exotic recipes. We even tried an ALLIGATOR formula! My pups went crazy for these because they're very fragrant, which I assume means flavorful (not that I'd ever eat one).

For pups who are allergic to poultry, they have all sorts of recipe flavors like Alligator, Wild Boar, Salmon, Duck, and several others here.


3. Nature's Logic Beef Tendon Chews - to be honest, I thought my dogs would eat these in two seconds... but they lasted about 20 minutes with Boomer and an extra 15 minutes with Ruger! These are made in the States and have nothing added to them, which I appreciate as a dog owner. I really love these and will be buying more, this bag is a pound and has about 13 chews in it!

Look through the Nature's Logic website for more product info here.


Enter our giveaway by commenting on this blog post with your pup's name in the box below!