Fall Flannel

   We drove up to Park City and found a beautiful field with tall grass and quaking aspens to explore. In some photos you can see Ruger in the background, he refused to pose 80% of the time we were there. He was more interested in sniffing bushes and chasing animals. So nothing new or surprising. 

   The scarf I'm wearing is my favorite because it is soft and heavy. Not only does it look cute with it's bright pattern, but it's actually very useful and keeps me really warm! I don't like thin scarves that are just used as an accessory.. I also threw on my go-to blush sweater that is great for layering. I got it from H & M last year, but have seen 4 different people wearing the same one since! That's how you know it's a good sweater.

   My shoes are some ESPRIT brand winter boots. They are cheaper in price but get the job done. They are perfect for exploring and look fall festive. My camel satchel gives an earthy balance to my dressy accessories, and it's light and easy to carry. I had to hide Ruger's ball in it at one point thinking it would make him stay near me - it didn't work.