Fall Update!

Cute outtake!

Cute outtake!

Millie is Zach's family dog!

Millie is Zach's family dog!

Another cute outtake of my happy Lab!

Another cute outtake of my happy Lab!


I have been TERRIBLE at keeping up with my blog! I'm sorry! I haven't quit it though (since some people have asked), I just have been so busy settling into our new state/city/apartment. And as you know, I've been thinking about changing my blog so that is still in the works!

It's early October in good ol' North Carolina and it's 76 degrees out. I'm literally sitting on the couch with the patio door wide open and it feels amazing! It's bright and sunny out, couldn't be more perfect. The leaves here haven't changed yet, but I can see some trees are slowly starting to transition. Yay! I'm sad I'll miss the snow and mountains back in Utah, but I'm definitely looking forward to not having to drive on icy roads. 

Now that we're finally living in the city, Zach and I are having so much fun! I'll be honest and say at first we were worried we might have made a mistake moving here since it was a little bit of a stressful summer, but now that we're in the city and in our awesome new place... we are having such a great time! We do hope to move back to Utah in a few years though!

Right now we're in this really cool, walkable part of town called South End. We can hop from brewery/restaurant/wherever else and not have to drive. Last Sunday we walked across the street to the grocery store and had mimosas at the bar (they have one in the store!!), it was actually a really fun time since the Panthers game was on and people looove their football around here. I've been better at taking photos of all of the stuff we've been doing so I'll make sure to post more about our time here!

I'm also very happy to see how Ruger and Boomer are settling in. We got Boomer in the Spring, then shortly after we drove across the country and moved to a new place with new people and new surroundings. Dogs are all about routine, so any changes can be very stressful for them and we went through a ton of change! I think they love it here so far (hopefully), we can take them almost anywhere with us, I love that! Every single restaurant/bar/brewery patio is dog-friendly so we've had a lot of socialization opportunities for the boys. That's another huge relief for me, their behavior had really changed when we first started the moving process. When we first started packing our apartment back in Salt Lake, they were a little stressed and it just snowballed from there. They were becoming a little naughty and I was becoming really frustrated with them, which is the worst thing you can do, but I was also stressed and couldn't help it. But we are all finally getting back to normal and I'm so happy with being in Charlotte so far! 

More updates and posts will be coming soon!