How to make long car rides more comfortable for your dog

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Did you know dogs can get car sick? And they can also feel an incredible amount of stress from being in a car for several hours?

Personally, my dogs don't enjoy being in the car, their behaviors immediately changes. Boomer gets very stressed; he drools excessively and his lower eyelids begin to droop from anxiety. Ruger paces around the back seat and can't sit still. I always feel bad for them since they seem so miserable, but I've learned some simple things to help make the car ride more comfortable.


1. Try over the counter medications

Give your pet regular Benadryl for car sickness. Your dog will excessively drool, whine, pant, or yawn if they are feeling motion sickness. If they show any of these signs, you can give them 1 mg/lb. at least 30 minutes before the car ride starts.


2. Use a natural method

Use CBD oil to help keep your dog relaxed and to alleviate nausea. I give 2 drops/lb. for each dog about an hour before they get in the car. I use the Bluebird Botanicals Classic formula that is for humans. Make sure the CBD oil you use only contains one "binder", such as hemp oil, and does not have unnecessary fillers that may be toxic to animals. You can also use a pet formula, if you prefer.


3. Keep them distracted

Try to give your dog a yummy bone to kill time and create a positive association with being in the car. Give them something they don't get often to make it even more special and enticing. Bully sticks or Himalayan salt chews are a great option that won't make a mess in the car. 


4. Don't take them if they don't need to go

Your pets don't necessarily need to ride with you everywhere you go. Unless it's a trip to the vet or a pet-friendly vacation, don't bring them on unnecessary car rides. You might think it's fun for them to always tag along, but if it causes them more harm than good they'll probably be happier at home!