Lace-Up Tops

     I'm loving all of the lace-up tops that are in style right now. They're so simple, but these go with anything and can be used to dress casual or a little more formal. The dark navy top I'm wearing goes great with jeans of any color, even black. I'm wearing some capris that have a cute flair at the bottom that show off my lace-up flats. These shoes make me feel like a modern ballerina, I don't think I've ever owned such an edgy shoe

     We walked around the University of Utah's campus to let Ruger explore somewhere new and different. When we first got there we kept hearing a piercing chirping noise and thought a giant bird was on the roof ready to attack. We realized it was actually a squirrel that wasn't a fan of Ruger being in its territory. At one point the squirrel darted into the bushes and Ruger went after it and wouldn't listen to our commands. I started worrying that it might attack Ruger (do not want to deal with rabies), so we tried to call him back but he disappeared behind a corner and we had to chase him down. His prey drive is unreal when he sees any small animal. He had to get put back on the leash because he was too focused on the squirrel to function normally during the rest of the shoot.