Learning to Play Fetch

     When I'm doing something with Ruger I prefer to dress casual. I want to be able to keep up with him because there's no way I can if I'm in heels all the time. I love wearing jeans, a cute top, and sandals because it's simple and easy to pick out. You can't go wrong with dressing like this, and although it's tempting to wear that cute skirt to the dog park, don't do it because skirt + dog park = DISASTER. I always look for tops that have small, pretty details that make them stand out. The top I'm wearing is great for the summer because it has a small lace design that creates a "V" shape in blue fabric.  

     When it comes to being out and about with Ruger, I prefer to play fetch with him on cement or asphalt because it keeps his nails trimmed down and smooth.  There are two parking lots near our place I like to go to that are big and only have one entrance. I will stand by the entrance and throw the ball into the lot, so if someone drives up they see me first and can slow down. These lots aren't very busy in general so this never really happens any way. Ruger loves to play fetch but it's funny to think how he had no interest in it when we first got him. Since he was a stray, he was never taught how to play it and I was a little disappointed he didn't like to do it. Fetching is one of the easiest ways to exercise a dog, and it's almost a tradition for them to play fetch! So imagine my surprise when my Lab/Border Collie mix could care less about chasing anything I threw for him.

     To get him to learn how I started to slowly roll the ball in front of him whenever he was feeling playful. As soon as it would get his attention I would praise him, get him excited, and roll it again. Then he got the idea that it's fun to chase toys and it really brought out his prey drive. I never asked him to bring the ball back until he was consistently chasing it and focused, then eventually I would ask him to come to me when he was holding it in his mouth. Luckily, he already knew how to "drop it", so after lots of practice he put all these steps together and officially learned how to fetch like a true dog should.

Proud of you, Ruger! 

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