Life in the City

dogs living in city

We have been in Charlotte for a little over a year now! So wild to think about!

We live in a cute apartment in South End, which is one of the neighborhoods directly south of Uptown (or downtown) Charlotte. We have three awesome breweries and the best coffee shop in the world is literally next door. We love to go grab a beer after work or on the weekends and get some dinner from the food trucks. If it's nice out we will even bring Boomer and Ruger with! There is a tiny coffee shop inside one of the breweries and it has changed my life. If you drink good coffee, I promise you will never want to go to Starbucks again. I randomly ordered a latte from the coffee shop one time at like four in the afternoon and I've been hooked ever since. Zach and I will have a little morning date and walk over with the dogs to go get some coffee before work, it's my favorite time together! 

Honestly, one of the most fun parts about living in Charlotte is that we have the NFL Panthers and the NBA Hornets. I think being with Zach has turned me into a much bigger sports fan than I could have ever imagined. I will only admit it this one time... but I love going to all the games! I think having pro sports teams brings a lot more opportunities for fun things to do. Even if you aren't going to the game, a lot of bars and restaurants will have events or different food and drink specials centered around them, and I just love the camaraderie of it all and how loyal people are to their team. Zach and I agree that the next place we move to must have an NFL team!

I think our boys make great city dogs! They get to go to breweries, coffee shops, dog parks, you name it! I love providing them with some variety so they don't get bored. They always get new places to smell and new dogs to meet. Someone once told me that sniffing for a dog is like them reading the morning newspaper. It's their way of catching up and learning about what's going on around them. They've even made some friends at the dog park, including another Lab/Border Collie mix that looks just like Ruger and a little French Bulldog puppy named Tupac haha! 

They are both in great health, which makes me super happy. Especially for Boomer, I was very worried about his arthritic elbow and his allergies. But, we've had him on the Adequan injection for several months and he is doing better then I could have hoped for! He rarely limps now, and if he does it's for maybe half a day, rather than several. And his allergies seem to finally be starting to calm down after being here for a year. For the first 6 months we lived here, we thought they were food-related, but it turns out North Carolina has terrible environmental allergies - for dogs and humans! And Ruger just turned three a couple weeks ago, so he is officially an adult!