Life Lately + Social Media Roundup

These are my favorite's from my Instagram (@clarissasievers) from last month! March has been so good to us!


If you haven't already, you should try ColourPop lip gloss. They have a million and one colors in every shade you could ever dream of. The best part is they're only $6! I don't like to wear them alone like I've seen some people do, I prefer to put a creamy lip crayon or clear gloss on top. I feel like they provide amazing color, but the texture it leaves on your lips (or mine at least) can be uneven and not smooth. But they are definitely worth the buy - I have my eye on some nude and coral colors to try!


These two guys together are a riot! The best news I wanted to share is that Boomer and Ruger are really starting to create a bond, I like to call them "brothers" as a joke. Boomer has been with us for a little over a month now (time flies)! They are so cute it kills me - Ruger is really playful and will playfully "attack" Boomer trying to get him to react, but Boomer just stares at him and slowly walks away. At first we were worried Boomer but might snap at him, but he's so gentle he just deals with Ruger's crazy antics. They also love to play fetch and are generally pretty good about sharing toys, neither are too possessive which is a big relief. I'm super excited for Charlotte because it's very dog-friendly there, so I can't wait to do lots of fun stuff around the city with them! The baseball team there does a dog night, and there are many other dog events that I want to take them to.


This photo has really pushed me into blogger mode. I feel like this is my first picture where I truly look and feel like a blogger and that is a big success for me. Just this past month my blog has grown so much (I feel like that every month), I can't even believe the opportunities that are starting to come up from it. So excited to see what's to come! Normally, bloggers like to make it seem like their life is perfect,but I want to be a little more honest and real with what I'm sharing so I have no problem with talking about the behind-the-scenes of my blog. It still has a ways to go but it's become such a fun hobby for me.