Little Black Blazer


I just turned 24 last month, and I feel like my wardrobe is growing up with me. I bought this blazer after I graduated college back in the Spring as a treat to myself. I actually never wore it to any interviews because I was worried I would be too overdressed. Now I wear it with a blouse or even a tshirt and I feel like it's a very age-appropriate style choice for me. Because, I'm an adult - but a really young one, ya know?

I have learned to love this blazer, it makes me feel like I have my life together and like I'm more of an adult than I really am! It's the perfect Little Black Blazer and I like dressing it down and wearing it a little more modern by putting on some knee high boots and dark jeans with it. I'm probably not pairing it with a pencil skirt anytime soon, maybe in my early thirties. And I actually have two blazers! I've never been big on leather jackets, so this is my jacket piece of choice. Long live the LBB!

Thanks to Anchored Image for the photos.