Man's Best Friend

     My boyfriend and I own Ruger together and I thought I'd dedicate a post to their relationship! I'm the one who picks out the toys and bones, who brushes Ruger's fur and teeth, who sets up the vet appointments and so on. However, I'll admit that Zach is the one who really exercises Ruger because Zach is much more active than I am. I try my best to exercise Ruger by taking him on long walks, but he is a very high energy dog being a Lab/Border Collie mix and he needs to be exercised really hard to burn off some of that energy. 

     Zach loves to hike, bike, snowboard, and frisbee golf, and will bring Ruger anytime he can. It also helps that Zach was a pitcher for some time in high school, and can throw the ball so far that Ruger has to get a running head start! I'm grateful he keeps Ruger, who seriously loves to eat, in good shape. They've really been able to bond through all of their play time and outdoor activities, while I've bonded with Ruger in other ways so it balances out perfectly. Ruger is our favorite to spend time with, Zach calls him "buddy", and it makes me really think about how dogs are truly man's best friend!

And who would have ever thought the way to a dog's heart is through a game of fetch!

These are Ruger's favorite balls to fetch with since they squeak! Shop them here.


Does anyone else play fetch on asphalt or cement to trim their dogs nails or is that just me?

P.S. This quiet parking lot only has one entrance so we stood in front of it in case a car came during our fetch session.