St. Patrick's Day Dress


Green all around for St. Patrick's Day! And can you believe how green that grass is behind me?! I did barely any editing to these photos because there was already really great natural lighting, so that lawn is really that bright. 

I wanted to talk about how happy I have been with my photos lately! Normally, before I do a photoshoot I get stressed out and worried because I think I'm not photogenic. Then I see the photos once I get home and think, "why was I so worried about this?!". Happens every single photoshoot. But I'm becoming more confident and comfortable in my skin, which is an amazing feeling! My last couple years in school were extremely stressful for me - I ate so unhealthy, worried way too much about what other people thought of me, exercising was always last on my to-do list, and I wasn't happy with how I spent my time... I felt a little all over the place.

But now, I've learned to really enjoy exercising because it makes me feel good and I can tell my body needs and wants it. And that's super cliche to say, and I use to hate when people would state that exact reason - but it's actually true and I get it now! I try to move in some way at least once a day, even if it's just yoga or running around with the dogs. I've learned to listen to my body, I use to barely drink water and thought other drinks like juice, coffee, etc. counted as my water intake for the day (which is pretty sad and a lot of people make this mistake). Now, I drink how much water I'm supposed to, and if I stop drinking too early in the day I can really notice the difference. I've also been more productive with my time and pickier about who I spend my time with, and this has really helped me stay happier, too.  

Zach and I are also planning on moving to Charlotte, NC here in a couple months and I'm so excited and ready for a new adventure. I feel like it's always good to have something to look forward to. When we visited back during the holidays we actually left North Carolina thinking it was nothing special (haha!). I think it's my fault because I painted a picture of it in my mind thinking it would be very cute and Southern, like the show of Hart of Dixie! Charlotte is a growing city with a nice Uptown and several different neighborhoods that surround it. The neighborhoods range from hipster and artsy, to preppy and trendy and it's a great place for young professionals. There is so much to do out there (besides just skiing like here in Utah), and that alone makes me want to move. The biggest factor of why we decided to go, is that it is incredibly dog-friendly there. I thought Salt Lake was "dog-friendly" - but there's a huge difference in being dog-friendly and just a lot of people owning dogs here. In Charlotte, all of the breweries and many bars welcome dogs, and not just on the patio but inside! There is a bar called The Dog Bar which is like a mini dog park with a full bar. And most of the stores have dog bowls and treats sitting out - even if the shop has nothing to do with pets! Which doesn't sound like anything significant, but there are so many out that you really start to notice them all. But I'm not lying when I say every single person I've talked to that has lived in or been to Charlotte absolutely loves it there. Like I said, always good to have something to look forward to!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!