Dog Birthday

Ruger's Birthday

     Happy 1st Birthday Ruger!

Since Zach and I got Ruger in May, we don't know exactly when he was born. So, we decided to make his birthday on July 10th because we do know he's about a year old! I planned a couple of fun activities for him but I didn't feel like bringing my camera because I didn't want to anything to happen to it. I wish I would have brought it though, because his birthday ended up being a really fun and hilarious day! So I apologize for the photo quality because I took them on my phone but I thought these pictures were way too good not to share.

We went to the pet store to pick Ruger out a new frisbee. He is a fetching maniac so we thought it would be fun to try out something else to play with other than a ball. Things got a little out of hand because next thing you know we were playing dress up with everything that came in his size. I could not stop laughing at him with those doggles on.

We went to a nearby park to let him try out his new toy. He had disappeared and we found him in the baseball field where he got a luxurious, natural mud bath for his spa day! It wasn't planned but Ruger felt he needed it.

He found the absolute tiniest body of water and rolled around in it until he was caked with mud. I swear we looked away for one second and then he was gone and we found him like this.

As we were leaving he stopped to get a facial. (Prizes to whoever spots the dead worm floating in the water). I couldn't get him to stop dipping his face into this dirty little pool of water, so I had to put his leash on and drag him back to the car.

It was all fun and games until someone had to get a bath. And he clogged up the bathtub as you can see.

After running around from being all wet, I filled his kong with some peanut butter and blueberries to make up for the bath he had to get. The birthday boy got to lick the spoon, and my heart melted because just look at those eyes!

It was such a fun day spending time together and getting to spoil him!