Why you should be talking to your dogs

Do you talk to your dog?

I totally do! I can't help it, they're just so cute.

Even though our dogs don't understand the actual words we are saying, they pay attention and are sensitive to the tone we use when talking to them. If you feel like you might be a little crazy for talking to your dog, I'm here to tell you that science says you're actually not and that’s it’s good for both of you!



1. Strengthens your bond

The more you talk to your dog, the stronger your bond will grow… easy as that! They may not understand your language, but they do understand your facial expressions, mannerisms, and tone of voice. Through these different cues they get the gist of what you're trying to communicate to them. Eventually, they will learn some of the words you repeat through association, and pretty soon you two will have a language of your own! 


2. helps puppies & rescue dogs feel more comfortable

Again, they don't understand exactly what you are saying, but they can tell if you have good or bad intentions. Using a calm voice can be very soothing and help them to feel more comfortable in their new environment. The more you talk to your new friend, the more they will come out of their shell!


3. dogs are social creatures

Dogs do not enjoy being isolated - they need attention and interaction to thrive. They are very social animals and need to form a bond with other creatures to flourish. If you have more than one dog, you'll notice that they have their own way of interacting with one another - whether they play nonstop or prefer to quietly lay next to each other, they like to know someone else is there. So talk to them and let them know you're there. 


4. You will love it!

Nothing makes me happier than a dog wagging its tail back at you when you’re talking to him. One thing I love that Boomer does is when he decides he would like some attention. He will randomly look over at me and let out a little noise like "hey, over here!" and I’ll happily talk back to him. A fun little exchange like this will help lighten your mood and show you how wonderful it is to share a bond with an animal that loves you!