Tips for cleaning in a home with dogs, what cleaners to use and where


Cleaning your home exposes pets to many types of chemicals that can be harmful to them. I have some tips to help keep them safe while keeping your home clean!


how to use 

I suggest using cleaners with harsh or toxic chemicals like bleach on countertops, bathtubs and other surfaces your pets do not directly touch. The reason I do this is because I do believe food surfaces need to be properly sanitized and since dogs don't (usually) have access to surfaces like countertops, sinks, or bathtubs, they are mostly fine to clean with stronger cleaning products.

For places dogs do have access to, such as toilets and floors, use natural cleaners that are fine if ingested. This way, if they lick something off the tile or take a drink from your toilet they don't accidentally ingest something toxic that can harm them. 

*Toilet bowl cleaners must be nontoxic, too many dogs die from drinking out of toilet bowls that use cleaners with ingredients like bleach.


Best Nontoxic Products to use

Here are some of the biggest brands that are pet-friendly. Many you can find in large box stores like Target or Walmart. And always remember to store cleaners where they can't be reached by curious noses!

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  1. Method Products - what I use!
  2. The Honest Company
  3. Seventh Generation
  4. Nature's Miracle
  5. Greenworks
  6. Simple Green