Visit to an Orchard

fall outfit
apple orchard

This post has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time. I haven't posted anything in awhile because there have been so many life changes going on, but I am finally (and slowly) ready to get back into blogging because I love it and can't leave it behind. I've been wanting to shift the focus of my blog towards more dog-related topics because that's what I know the most about. But, this post is here and written out already so I'll publish it just to get back into the game.

Back in the fall, Zach and I drove out to an apple orchard a couple hours away into the boonies. I was so surprised at how beautiful the mountains are out here in North Carolina! I'm used to the mountains in Utah and Idaho, so I have high standards when it comes to scenery.

I think we both weren't expecting such pretty views. Back home we have the stunning Wasatch mountain range that would tower above Salt Lake City and the entire valley. But here it's almost like giant rolling hills where you can see layers and layers of trees. I'm adding photos so you can see what I'm talking about!


Left: NC mountains, Right: Salt Lake City.

At the orchard we ate apple cider donuts that we heard were worth the drive. And yes, THEY ABSOLUTELY WERE! The donuts were so warm and fluffy, and we seriously ate all 6 that same day (oops!). They also sold cider slushies made fresh from their apples. I didn't know these existed but they were very, very addictive and I had two. I'm craving one now, wish they weren't so far away...

After we drove a half hour to Asheville and got lunch in the downtown area. That was our first time there and we loveeed it. The downtown area reminds me of a bigger version of Main Street in Park City. The buildings are charming and so are the businesses that fill them. We didn't get to spend too much time in Asheville because we left the dogs at home, but something told me we would be back again (and we did go back)! I'm already wanting to move out there! I have such wonderful feelings towards Utah and it will always be home, but I love that Asheville reminds me of that wonderful home and is just a couple hours away.

Thanks for reading ya'll! (see how Southern I am now??)