Welcome to Fetching Florals

     We are Clarissa and Ruger. I started this blog because I adopted a dog and fell in love with him. He has brought me so much happiness, and I prefer not to go anywhere without him. Ruger is the "fetching" part behind the name, and I am the "florals". Here you will learn about the products I use for myself and my dog, fun news about our daily adventures, articles I've written on dog-related topics, my outfit details, and lots of photos of us. 

     I'm 23 years old and just graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Psychology. I've been in love with dogs my whole life, but I started to let that go as I got older and wasn't able to have one of my own. At one point I thought I wanted to be a dog trainer, I made the switch from animal behavior to human behavior and became interested in Psychology instead. Since I've gotten Ruger I've realized my love and passion for dogs will never go away. Another hobby of mine is fashion and learning about different tips to keep myself looking my best. I've learned that taking care of myself really boosts my confidence and makes me feel happier. I'm still figuring out my style and I honestly enjoy that about myself because it's always fun to experiment. 

     Ruger is around a year old and still has a couple more sessions until he graduates from his obedience course (if he can pay attention in class). We think he is a Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix, also known as a "Borador". We don't know for sure, but we've googled these mixes before and it's amazing how many dogs out there look just like Ruger. He has the appetite of a Lab and the intense stare of a BC, so we like to think of those personality traits as proof that he is those breeds. He was a stray as a puppy and someone found him and took him in, and that's basically all we know about his past. He is incredibly sweet and can learn new commands fairly quickly, but he's also stubborn and sometimes decides to forget those at the most convenient time... Like when I'm calling him to "come" but he thinks it's more fun to run away instead. 

    Our lives consist of daily adventures going on hikes, to local dog parks, and anywhere else Ruger is allowed to go. He is the best dog, he fits so well into my life, and I always talk about how happy I am that I got him.

So glad you could join us!